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A few samples of my work


Translation from German into French of the BOOK published in 2017 by WALO, one of my long-standing clients, on the occasion of the company's centenary.


The translation was carried out in close collaboration with the project manager. I was certainly confronted with a few terminological problems in that over the years WALO had developed its own machines, whose names existed only in German. A fascinating job, which also gave me free rein to express my editorial creativity! A translator colleague reviewed my translation. Finally, I checked and approved the final proofs before publication of this ambitious project, which was over
250 pages long.

Translation from German into French of the new COVER WEBSITE.

The project manager had complained about the poor quality of translations delivered by previous suppliers, and she wanted a translation that really conveyed the meaning of the source text – in short, a true translation! She contacted me on the recommendation of one of my oldest clients, for whom I have worked for over 20 years.

Given the specialist nature of the company's field of activity, I asked its staff to check the technical terminology. I also worked closely with my Italian-speaking colleague, who was in charge of the Italian version of the site.

Once the site layout of the site was completed, I reread what will now effectively be a business card for the company.

ILL texworld 1.png
ILL texworld 2 masquer angle.png

Translation from English into French of a MAGAZINE handed out at a trade fair attended several times a year by textile and fashion professionals.

Over the years as my career progressed, project managers changed, but the translator stayed the same... I have therefore had a variety of contact persons, with whom I always worked closely in order to best accommodate their needs on the occasion of the different exhibitions.

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