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English and German into French translations

Choosing between different levels of service:

  1. Translation, without additional services: translation of your French source text into English or German, respecting the cultural specificities of the target market as well as your terminological or editorial requirements. Do not hesitate to send me your glossaries, reference texts, etc. if you want consistent use of terminology between the texts I am delivering and previous translations

  2. Translation and review by another qualified professional, in line with the principle of a second pair of eyes: to guarantee the absolute quality of the translation, two pairs of eyes are better than one. Accordingly, I translate the text and a colleague checks my translation: the slightest inaccuracy, the tiniest typo, etc. will not escape their eagle eye. In addition, this working in pairs allows us to discuss shades of meaning, to arrive at different formulations... Creativity is a personal quality. With the dual control, our inventiveness is doubled.

  3. Translation, review by another qualified professional and proof-reading of the text after layout: each to their own trade. The requirements of web designers and prepress specialists are different to those of translators. And all the more so as their native language will not necessarily be the same as the target language of the translation. The translator's role, when proofing the layout, will, for example, involve ensuring that typographical rules are respected: correct hyphenation of words, abbreviations, capitalization, accents, punctuation etc.


It goes without saying that, whatever option you choose, the same care will be given to the quality of the translation, the difference being the possible use of a reviewer (option 2), who will be sufficiently removed from the translated text, and/or in the checking of the formatted text or of the final proofs before publication (option 3).

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